Wednesday, October 16, 2013





Q: Please describe yourself.
A: Sensible, Rational, Sociable, Outspoken.

Q:What kind asset you think that you could bring to us if you join our company?
A:It is a question that need an objective view to judge. It all depend on how you look at me. I can only says base on my past work experience, I can help the company to be more cost effective.

Q:You've been away from your last job for a year for travelling. What have you learned within this year to help you on the job that you currently apply?
A: It is a complicated question. Of course, most of the time I've spend  last year is irrelevant to my previous job, at least at job scope wise. But what I've learned during travel is some priceless experience that help me through my journey, which affect me directly and alter mind set to overcome any obstacle before me.

Q: What is your biggest achievement of your life so far?
A: Decide to travel alone for long period and survived with only handful of money. Both the decision to let go everything and try to survive with only $2000 for 6 month in NZ, at certain point, to some people. Its not an easy thing to do.


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